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Our Winning Grants Program is based on the best-selling book,
The How To Grants Manual, 9th Edition, by David G. Bauer



Federal Grants: $500 billion dollars  

Foundation Grants: $88.5 billion

Corporate Grants: $16.88 billion 

The Winning Grants Institute is ready and able to help you learn how to write a winning, persuasive grant proposal so you can garner your share of these pots of gold.

The time is now to learn from the best. 

Let's get this straight. 

We are committed to integrity. No one should ever make a promise to you that you'll win a grant. There is no silver bullet to winning a grant. What Dave and The Winning Grants Institute promise is a lot of hard work and to share with you more than 50 years of insight into the grant procurement process. In addition, David G. Bauer is the expert that the Federal Trade Commission has hired more than once to ferret out grant fraud and unscrupulous grant schemes. Thanks for allowing us to make our commitment to doing the right thing blatantly obvious.  


About Dave

Grant-seeking is not for the faint of heart. Countless, precious time is often quickly wasted by those who don't know the terrain and how to maneuver the mountainous bureaucracy. 

David G. Bauer is the person you want as your teacher and guide. He has sat in every seat over his 50-year career - from K12, post-secondary, nonprofit leader, grants program developer, grants reviewer, and adjudicator, and he has even been retained by The Federal Trade Commission more than once to help ferret out the grant crooks.

Dave Bauer is the President of The Winning Grants Institute. He has authored nine editions of The How To Grants Manual and nine other books on winning grants, administering grant programs, and fund-raising.

He has secured grants for school districts, universities, and nonprofit organizations. In addition, he has taught more than 50,000 people in his grant-seeking seminars over 50 years. 

He has developed several video series and two software programs in the grants field. In addition, he has also developed and conducted a successful research fellows grants coaching program.

Dave has personally developed THE WINNING GRANTS PROGRAM curriculum for nonprofit organizations and educational institutions based on the proactive step-by-step system in The How To Grants Manual and the successful techniques for creating and conducting grants coaching programs in The Grants Coaching Handbook.

For the first time, travel and lodging aren't necessary to learn from Dave. Instead, the Winning Grants Institute brings The Winning Grants Program to you right here via our learning portal and, should you desire, our excellent smartphone app.

Dave looks forward to having you with us at The Winning Grants Institute. 

This could have been you.

In Dave’s most recent learning cohorts, participants collectively garnered more than $100 million in grant awards.


More than 50,000 participants have learned from the legendary Dave Bauer.


Are you ready to know what it takes to win a grant? 

The Secrets to Grantwriting Success.

Our emphasis is not on money, but on creating a winning match between the grantor, the grantee, and his or her institution/organization.

You will be provided with strategies and techniques to create strong teams, build productive consortia, and match grant-seeking tasks to group member skills.

This strategy is particularly relevant now, given grantors' growing interest in funding interdisciplinary and multiple-site projects based on research that uses grant monies more efficiently.



THE WINNING GRANTS PROGRAM uses thirty-one clear, well-documented, proactive steps to increase grants success. It is not magic. 

You will learn the prescribed steps throughout the proposal process to convince the grantor that you not only have a competent team but that you will complete the work.

You will be able to access and use our Task Preference Inventory which allows each team member to be assigned the most suitable task. Use the Grants Task Preference Inventory to recruit new team members and retain consultants to fill voids.

  • Does your team know the proactive steps to create a winning proposal?
  • Do you know which steps fit each member’s individual preferences and skillsets?

The Grants Task Preference Inventory is a huge bonus in the Winning Grants Institute’s program as a research edition. We invite you to help us improve it further by sharing your experiences with us. Are you ready to join our winning team?



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