The Winning Grants Institute is managed by The Akribos Group. 

“Akribos, a Greek term, meaning more accurately, more exact, and more thoroughly investigated, clearly reflects the professional work ethic and commitment embraced at The Akribos Group.”


The Winning Grants Institute is an innovative partnership with The Akribos Group, a highly respected and nationally recognized education consulting organization. The Akribos Group’s involvement provides for the operation and management of the Institute, including the production, curation, hosting, and promotion of content. In addition, The Akribos Group is prepared to offer in-person consulting, coaching, and professional development sessions that reinforce and teach Dave Bauer’s principles.

The Akribos Group specializes in accurate and precise research-based solutions through strategic planning applications, innovative organizational design, expert leadership training, and highly effective professional development services.

The Akribos team of professional associates, in conjunction with their innovative planning and research partnerships, offer a broad and diverse perspective, extending from the classroom to the boardroom. These professionals are impeccably credentialed and highly respected in their designated areas of expertise and professional practice. In addition, they recognize the vital need for projects delivered on time and within budget. 

To learn more about the Akribos professional team, innovative partnerships, and the menu of professional services, please visit their website at