What our participants say: 

I just wanted to say, Dave is great!  He is very knowledgeable, kind, caring and has a great sense of humor. All of these qualities make the  process of working with him very rewarding! Working with Dave in the program gave me insight in the grants process and confidence to apply broadly!

Dani Parker Moore, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Education, Multicultural Education: Critical Pedagogy and Social Foundations
Program Director, Schools, Education, and Society (SES) Minor; Executive Director of  WFU Freedom School
Wake Forest University
Department of Education

“...offered me a structured and collaborative approach to developing competitive grant proposals; and throughout the program, it encouraged self-assessment and self-criticism, by which I came to understand more clearly my strengths and weaknesses as a researcher and team player.”

“...allowed for more structure and accountability in terms of getting grants developed and eventually submitted.”

“I also found the quarterly meetings with David quite helpful: they motivated me to complete tasks by particular dates, and I got a lot out of my discussions with him, mostly at the 'big-picture' level (career, contacts, book vs. articles, etc.)”

"....offers our faculty a comprehensive professional development opportunity.  Four of the graduates of this program have received NSF CAREER awards in 4 consecutive years. In the previous 20 years we had only received two.

"....by far the most popular aspect of the program is the one-on-one meetings.  The faculty appreciate the accountability as well as the guidance from David Bauer.

While the program as a whole was useful, the quality circles have really had a big impact on my day-to-day life. Dave made the observation that oftentimes, grant writing groups focus on negatives, leaving the writer with little idea of what works well, and as a result much of the good gets thrown out with the bad. I've since noticed this to be very true, with many abandoning their proposals following review workshops as they feel overwhelmed with all that was "bad" about the idea. I've taken to advocating for the quality circles method as a way to make these sessions more productive.

Jason Fanning, PhD
Assistant Professor
Wells Fargo Faculty Scholar
Health and Exercise Sciences & Internal Medicine
Wake Forest University

 I have found the personal attention and guidance of the coaching meetings helpful.  Even as a longtime grant writer (over 20 years), I still learn new techniques.

Margaret A. Purcell, PhD
Director of Grants
Sheldon State Community College

I was made aware of the indirect cost allowance and how to incorporate that cost into the grants I write and submit. Dr. Bauer shared the information that allowed me to understand the indirect cost is typically over and above the grant award.

Melisa Gaither, Grants Administrator
 Bishop State Community College

As the Executive Director of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at Wake Forest University, I have used the consulting services of David Bauer and the strategies in his "How To" Grants Manual to help us improve our success rates for funding projects and grow our research funding. His positive and proactive approach, including team building and quality circle/mock reviews, has been received as a welcome learning experience by our faculty and staff.

Lori Gabriel, CRA
Executive Director
Research & Sponsored Programs
Wake Forest University

Since completing the class in 2019, 80% of the grants I’ve submitted have been awarded. The “How To” Grants Manual is a great guide that I refer to often. Key takeaways that I have implemented and contribute to my success include: understanding the key elements needed for a quality proposal; how to research and create a plan to guide my grant writing for the year; the importance of reaching out and establishing a relationship with the prospective funder; and using fewer, more succinct words to share our story.

Invest the time to improve your grant writing skills. You won’t regret it!

Terry Burkle, Executive Director
Baldwin County (Alabama) Education Coalition 
Executive Director

Dave Bauer’s "How To" Grants Manual is a must for anyone serious about winning grants. It is a comprehensive, single source, easy to understand tool with the best collection of lessons and tips on grant writing that exists. It has literally helped us to raise millions of dollars for our program.

John Tyson 
Volunteers of America Southeast